Friday, 10 November 2017

How to steal files in flashdisk ?


   To steal your flash data must have a software called "THUMBSUCK", this software can   rob  data / flashdisk at the time of entry into the computer that already installed the software THUMBSUCK without us. For example you inserted the stick into another computer that already exist when the computer software then quickly THUMBSUCK existing files the flash directly into the suction / copy to your computer without the owner knowing it.
If you want to run this program you must first disable your anti-virus who have, since antivirus software THUMBSUCK identified as WORM
Below is step the installation Thumbsuck :
After you download Thumbsuck, Thumbsuck.exe copy into a folder, eg: Local Drive D: and create a new folder, click 2x Thumbsuck.exe was to begin, Hiden folder for unsuspecting victims.
Up to this stage you've managed to copy the data without the knowledge that has flash.
If you want to download this software click here

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  1. Meski pake bahasa inggris dikit2 tau lah artinya, hhh
    Tengkyu informasinya ya


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